Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

Abrasive Water jet works with a waterjet that is accelerated across the first nozzle, the so-called water nozzle. In the subsequent mixing chamber, the high speed of the water jet generates a vacuum that makes the mix between water and abrasive. The resulting mixture is accelerated in a second nozzle called the focusing tube.
The results are a mixture of water and abrasive pressurized at 60000 psi capable of cutting virtually any material.

Today, Abrasive Waterjet Cutting is used wherever chip less forming, machining, and thermal cutting techniques (Laser, Plasma cutting, Flame cutting.) would produce unsatisfactory results for mechanical, physical or commercial reasons or where these cannot be used.

With No Heat Affected Zone or hardening, with the lowest mechanical load and the best possible material usage (Nesting), even the smallest quantities and medium-sized series can be produced flexibly and efficiently.

The Industries that use this technique include systems and mechanical engineering (Machine shops), aerospace and automotive industry, the metal, plastic, stone, and glass industries, as well as the paper industry.

Cuts Virtually any Material • Highly Reflective Materials • Non -Ferrous Metal (Aluminum, Titanium, etc.) • Plastics • Foam • Rubber • Ceramics • Composites Materials • Laminated Materials • Wood • & More.


  • 6000lb Max work piece weight


  • +/-.005” on Most Thin Materials
  • +/-.010” on Most Thicker Materials


  • Cutting Head Equipped with ITC. The Waterjet ITC system analyzes cuts and provides taper control without the need for reducing speed by inclinating the high-pressure waterjet up to 2° while maintaining stream velocity. The result is a final part that is produced faster and with straighter walls, regardless of the thickness or composition of the material being cut


  • Clean dross free edges with a sandblasted finish
  • Minimal mechanical stresses are applied to the material
  • No heat affected zone is created
  • Better finish and accuracy than laser cutting in materials over 12mm thick
  • High levels of accuracy and repeatability

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