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Water Jet Cutting

  ACP Waterjet - Precision Water Jet Cutting

ACP Waterjet provides nationwide water jet cutting services.  With a state-of-the-art facility dedicated exclusively to Water Jet Cutting located in Massachusetts, ACP Waterjet offers cutting capabilities of virtually any material.

We specialize in meeting today’s demanding deadline. Our personal attention to detail provides customers with consistent quality Water Jet Cutting Services at the most competitive prices.

From design to fabrication water jet cutting is the popular choice for small and large productions runs. Any size projects are welcomed Contact us today to discuss your next Project.


3/4" thick Aluminum


5.5" thick Stainless Steel


Small intricate signs


Waterjet Cutting Videos


  • 3000lb Max work piece weight


  • +/-.005” on Most Thin Materials
  • +/-.010” on Most Thicker Materials


  • Cutting Head Equipped with ITC. The Water jet ITC system analyzes cuts and provides taper control without the need for reducing speed by inclinating the high-pressure water jet up to 2° while maintaining stream velocity. The result is a final part that is produced faster and with straighter walls, regardless of the thickness or composition of the material being cut


  • Clean dross free edges with a sandblasted finish
  • Minimal mechanical stresses are applied to the material
  • No heat affected zone is created
  • Better finish and accuracy than laser cutting in materials over 12mm thick
  • High levels of accuracy and repeatability

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